Gaja is made of 100% wools from New Zealand and has the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and EU Ecolabel .

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Gaja - extraordinary sustainable

The purest new wool - nature’s own luxury

Gaja is made of 100% wools from New Zealand.

The use of pure New Zealand wool makes the textile both breathable and absorbent, making comfort paramount as the wool reacts precisely to the body’s temperature and degree of perspiration.

The wool is naturally fire-retardant and antistatic. Gaja is therefore suitable in practically all areas, especially where there are particularly stringent requirements with respect to quality and the environment.

The design is manufactured according to extremely strict environmental requirements, which is the customer’s guarantee of a safe and environmentally friendly product. Gaja is marked with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and EU Ecolabel .


A soft and natural colour range

The Gaja colour range contains 35 colours. Apart from the classic colours for the contract market such as black, blue and grey, there are numerous colours which are obvious choices for “home” areas, where different pale and warm colours such as beige, grey, yellow and lilac are fantastic for creating new and cosy environments.


Gaja Family colours

Gaja is available in three different varieties which, with their special qualities, are targeted towards specific needs. In terms of design, the four versions are identical. Although they each have their unique colour range and functional qualities. The Gaja family therefore always has a variation to suit every area of use and need.

The classic crepe texture without visible thread direction makes Gaja ideal for upholstering. The fabric’s soft, light elastic quality makes is easy to work with, and the uniform surface simplifies cutting and reduces waste. The crepe weave and the strong wool fibres gives the fabric a natural “anti-slip quality” which ensures a high level of sitting comfort and protection against slipping off the chair.

The very simple and discrete structure in the texture highlight the upholstered item’s shape and lines rather than stealing the focus, and the fabric’s simplicity makes the colours appear pure and brilliant.


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