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Annual reports

Gabriel Holding A/S


Innovation and value-adding partnerships are fundamental values of Gabriel’s mission statement.

Gabriel is a niche company which, in the entire value chain from concept to furniture user, develops, manufactures and sells upholstery fabrics, components, upholstered surfaces and related products and services. Gabriel develops its services to be used in fields of application where product features, design and logistics have to meet invariable requirements, and where quality and environmental management must be documented.



Gabriel is to be the preferred development partner and supplier to selected leading international manufacturers and major users of upholstered furniture, seats and upholstered surfaces.

Gabriel will achieve Blue Ocean status through an innovative business concept, patents, licences, exclusivity agreements or similar rights.

Gabriel will have the status of an attractive workplace and partner company for competent employees and companies.


Gabriel Group



Financial targets

Gabriel aims to achieve:

  • return on invested capital (ROIC) averaging at least 15% before tax;
  • an increasing average operating (EBIT) margin;
  • an average annual increase in earnings per share of at least 15%; and
  • an average annual increase in revenue of at least 15%.

In years with acquisitions or major business start-ups, management accepts a temporary decrease in the achievement of its financial targets, provided that the company on average meets the targets over a five-year period.



Gabriel is growing with the largest market participants. Gabriel’s growth is based on a global strategy of close  development partnerships and trading relations with approximately 70 selected major leading customers.

Gabriel strives to win the largest possible share of the selected strategic customers' purchase of furniture fabrics, other components and services in the value chain. The FurnMaster Business Unit realises the commercial potential of the links of the value chain deriving from furniture fabrics, e.g. cutting, sewing and upholstering of furniture components.



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