Turn down the noise

Add aesthetic value to furniture design, improve acoustic comfort and contribute to the creation of better work environments.

Acoustic components

Our line of acoustic components covers customised as well as standard solutions, including for example self-supporting absorbers, sound attenuating laminates, and mouldable absorbers.

Our solutions enable customers to add sound absorption, blocking and diffusion properties to a wide range of furniture designs, to achieve product goals and meet acoustic performance requirements.

All of our acoustic components can be combined with the full range of Gabriel fabrics to create enhanced aesthetic value and superior acoustical performance.

Our design services range from delivery of product data for development purposes to complete acoustical design services and documentation of the final components.


Gabriel acoustic components add aesthetic value to furniture design, improve acoustic comfort and contribute to the creation of better work environments.

The key benefits of Gabriel acoustic components are:

  • Acoustic comfort in work environments
  • Compliance with acoustic performance goals  
  • Enhanced aesthetic value
  • Best in class sustainability
  • Ready-to-use solutions for increased productivity
  • Custom-made for furniture application
  • Superior durability


Gabriel acoustic components are used for a variety of applications, designs and environments and are highly suitable for:

  • Screens
  • Room-in-room solutions
  • Lounges & social spaces
  • Auditoriums & learning environments
  • Beds

Standard or customised?

Gabriel offers a selection of standard acoustic components providing superior acoustic performance alone or in combination with a select Gabriel fabric.

Our standard collection includes for example self-supporting absorbers, mouldable absorbers, sound attenuating laminates and specialised components offering absorption, blocking and diffusion properties at the same time.

If you cannot find what you are looking for in our standard collection, we can customise components to meet your specific acoustic requirements. We offer almost limitless creative freedom allowing you to add unique acoustic and aesthetic value to your product design.

Our client-specific, customised designs meet individual requirements, and we invite you to work closely with our skilled designers and engineers to create the exact design, visual appearance and acoustic performance you are looking for.

Explore our standard collection of acoustic components here and feel free to order samples for your inspiration.

Your options

  • Self-supporting absorbers
  • Absorbers for in frame application
  • Absorptive, attenuating or diffusing laminates
  • Mouldable absorbers
  • Combine with a wide range of fabrics
  • Standard and customised solutions
  • From small to large volume


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