Annual Report

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Annual report 2016/17

Key Figures

Below is a summary of net revenue, profit after tax, cash flow and other key figures for the last five years.

Key figuresUnit2016/172015/162014/152013/142012/13
Net revenueDKK million492.8390.4334.8281.8264.9
Of which exportsDKK million449.2355.0301.5251.2240.2
Export percentage%9191908991
Operating profit (EBIT)DKK million45.939.425.725.221.4
Net finance income and costsDKK million-2.2-1.2-0,92.61.1
Profit before taxDKK million46.842.726.827.822.5
TaxDKK million-10.7-8.5-5.6-5.9-4.5
Profit after tax of continuing activitiesDKK million36.
Profit after tax of discontinuing activitiesDKK million-
Profit for the yearDKK million35.334.321.521.918
Cash flows from:            
Operating activitiesDKK million25.633.518.224.514.6
Investing activitiesDKK million-47.3-6.7-22.3-5.9-3.4
Financial activitiesDKK million20.5-11.0-1.5-15.7-11.9
Discontinued operationsDKK million-3.8-3.6-9.2--
Cash flows for the yearDKK million-4.912.2-14.82.9-0.7
Investments in property, plant and equipmentDKK million13.75.718.713.54.1
Depreciation/amortisation and impairment lossesDKK million10.
EquityDKK million221.0201.6178.1166.0155.8
Statement of financial position totalDKK million398.3289.7278.4245.2230.2
Invested capitalDKK million195.00122.3233.5202.6194.7
Working capitalDKK million100.581.673.962.057.8
Number of employeesNumber404292238142106
Revenue per employeeDKK million1.
Financial ratios
Gross margin%41.440.639.841.139.9
Operating margin (EBIT margin)%9.310.
Return on invested capital (ROIC) before tax%29.535.812.312.711.1
Return on invested capital (ROIC) after tax%22.822.79.711.09.4
Earnings per share (EPS)DKK19.
Return on equity%
Equity ratio%55.569.664.067.767.7
Book value per share at year endDKK117107948882
Market price at year endDKK475570199185137
Price/book value
Price earnings (PE)DKK24.831.517.816.014.4
Price cash flow (PCF)DKK35.0032.220.714.317.7
Proposed dividend per DKK 20 shareDKK7.657.255.505.254.75
Dividend yield%
Payout ratio%4140494550


Anders Hedegaard Petersen
Phone: +45 9630 3100
Susie Bay Eskildsen
Group Finance Manager
Phone: +45 9630 3122
Mobile: +45 4012 9469