Annual Report

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Annual reports

Key Figures

Below is a summary of net revenue, profit after tax, cash flow and other key figures for the last five years.

Key figuresUnit2022/232021/222020/212019/202018/19
RevenueDKK million931.21.065809.7727.3708.2
Of which exportsDKK million769.9884.6688.0629.0633.3
Export percentage%8383858689
Earnings before depreciation, amortisation and impairment losses (EBITDA)DKK million64.3107.596.580.381.1
Operating profit (EBIT)DKK million15.964.958.641.961.9
Net finance income and costsDKK million-13.815.5-2.8-12.8-1.3
Profit before taxDKK million2.680.658.832.062.9
TaxDKK million-6.9-22.4-12.6-7.0-13.9
Profit after taxDKK million-4.358.
Cash flows from:            
Operating activitiesDKK million26.59.139.457.243.8
Investing activitiesDKK million-34.8-41.1-36.6-30.5-80.2
Financing activitiesDKK million-44.0-45.2-32.0-18.135.7
Cash flows for the yearDKK million-52.2-77.2-29.28.6-0.7
Investments in property, plant and equipmentDKK million23.732.227.822.725.2
Depreciation, amortisation and impairment lossesDKK million48.342.637.938.419.2
EquityDKK million326.6358.7322.1283.4281.2
Statement of financial position totalDKK million813.8868.5731.2645.5562.3
Invested capitalDKK million580.7580.8474.7411.3349.1
Working capitalDKK million299.3311.3223.8172.3166.3
Average number of employeesNumber1,2421,3581,1631,151855
Revenue per employeeDKK million0.
Financial ratios
Gross margin%33.332.536.437.640.1
EBITDA margin%6.910.111.911.011.5
EBIT margin%
Return on invested capital (ROIC) before tax%0.415.313.38.422.7
Return on invested capital (ROIC) after tax%-0.711.010.46.617.7
Earnings per share (EPS)DKK-2.330.824.413.225.9
Return on equity%-1.317.115.38.918.5
Equity ratio%40.141.344.143.950.0
Book value per share at year endDKK173190170150149
Market price at year endDKK306515630690712
Price/book value
Price earnings (PE)DKK-133.616.725.852.227.5
Price cash flow (PCF)DKK21.8107.130.322.830.7
Proposed dividend per DKK 20 shareDKK0.0010.759.755.0010.50
Dividend yield%
Payout ratio%035403841


Anders Hedegaard Petersen
Phone: +45 9630 3100
Susie Bay Eskildsen
Group Finance Manager
Phone: +45 9630 3122
Mobile: +45 4012 9469

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