Freedom of design

Easy to fit on any design – from shaped foam to sharp-cut chairs and soft cushions – ShapeKnit offers new and unlimited upholstery possibilities and freedom of design.


ShapeKnit by Gabriel combines 170 years of upholstery expertise with the innovative and multi-functional knit technology to provide one-piece, three-dimensional knitwear that perfectly fits the shape and form of any furniture design without the need for cutting, sewing and other adaption or finishing processes.

ShapeKnit offers functional and aesthetical advantages to the customers. The design options and technical benefits are countless, and so are the options for increasing productivity through the elimination of waste and sewing processes. With the ShapeKnit technology Gabriel offers our customers a higher degree of flexibility in the proposed solution along with an opportunity to influence the design and development process.

Optimise the upholstering process

ShapeKnit optimises upholstery procedures as each upholstery solution is knitted into the exact required shape. By tailoring each piece as early as in the knitting process, fabric waste is eliminated and consequently, the production process becomes more efficient, more sustainable and more economical.

ShapeKnit benefits

  • Three dimensional shapes made to fit
  • Ready for assembly
  • No cutting and sewing required
  • Easy to fit on any design
  • Customised upholstery solutions
  • Unlimited design possibilities
  • Eco-friendly, zero waste solution
  • Improved productivity



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