Grain is a post-consumer recycled polyester bouclé fabric and a celebration of the perfectly imperfect. It embraces a flawed beauty and asymmetric aesthetic inspired by the irregular textures of nature and the grained cement surfaces in contemporary architecture. With its fine texture and understated elegance, Grain redefines the bulky bouclé and gives it a contemporary, sophisticated vibe.




Adding depth and dimension

Grain’s rugged and unpredictable irregularity is created by numerous curled fibres, setting it apart from classic smooth weaves. The tactility adds texture, dimension, and visual softness to interior styling, and bring a sense of comfort, warmth, and premium style to all types of activity-based spaces – and to soft seating and contract furniture alike.


Mix textures for visual effect

Grain is designed in two versions that playfully complement each other and allow for creative combinations that integrate different tactile sensations in matching shades and tones to create visual effect. Choose between a solid version with a discreet mottled effect and a duo-coloured version characterised by an unpredictable pattern of distinctive dots.




Earthy tones and bold brights

The colour scale encompasses a total of 50 shades, featuring 25 solids and 25 duo-coloured versions. The palette is predominated by earthy tones, tannic shades, and neutrals, including ochre, browns, and greys, which complement the fabric’s natural effect and contribute to creating warm interiors. The palette also spans a range of deep brights – reds, blues, greens, orange, and yellow - for bold colour injections.




Recycled and certified

The solid versions of Grain contain 92% post-consumer recycled polyester while the duo-coloured versions contain 80% post-consumer recycled polyester. The recycled content comes from used plastic bottles and is GRS certified (Global Recycled Standard) to ensure transparency and reliable content claims. The fabric’s environmental credentials are further documented by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and EU Ecolabel certifications.


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