With a new line of embossing services and a collection of embossed upholstery fabrics, Gabriel opens up to a world of unlimited creative options.



Creativity, playfulness and indefinite design options caracterise Gabriel’s latest offerings – an exclusive collection of embossed fabrics and embossing services.

Add a new aesthetic dimension

Embossing is a no-sewing embellishment technique that gives you almost limitless creative freedom to add textured elements, patterns and a whole new aesthetic dimension to your favorite Gabriel polyester fabric.

Enjoy design freedom

Design your own unique embossed fabric or - if you prefer the convenience of a standard solution - choose from Gabriel’s exclusive collection of embossed fabrics in a multitude of colours, patterns and textures.



Atlantic – discreet futuristic vibe

Upholstery fabric Atlantic Embossed features three embossed designs including classic 25 mm stripes, bold 40 mm stripes and a clear-cut geometric grid pattern. Each design is distinguished by a distinct 3D effect that elegantly underlines the fabric’s discreet futuristic vibe.

Hush – warm & cosy

Featuring the same three embossed patterns as Atlantic, screen fabric Hush Embossed stands out with its soft, felt-like texture and natural fibre finish. The fabric’s texture creates a sophisticated visual contrast to the stringent 3D patterns and brings a warm and cosy feel.




Meet the expert - LaminationMaster

Gabriel’s embossing services and fabrics are provided by our business unit LaminationMaster. LaminationMaster also offers a range of lamination services, laminated upholstery fabrics and specialises in acoustic components and services.

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