With its cellular inspired design and voluminous relief-like texture, Rondo offers a unique combination of tactility and strength.


Rondo is an exclusive upholstery fabric made from recycled polyester with a 3D relief-like texture, a voluminous tactility and an artistic, almost sensual vibe. As the name implies, Rondo stands out with its fascinating circular and organic design that draws inspiration from the cellular structures found in nature.




3D effect with volume and depth

The design of Rondo is distinguished by an exceptional weave construction that creates a rich 3D texture with high-performance properties. Moreover, the weave construction creates a captivating interplay of light and dark colours and brings extra depth and tactility to the fabric together with a rich and voluminous feel. 


Earth & wood colours

Inspired by nature, the colour scale includes an exquisite selection of 27 deep and intense natural hues all muted by an underlying darker colour. The colours range from burnt earthy tones like umber and terracotta to wood colours in shades of brown, exclusive slate and stone greys and leafy greens. The palette also includes a few bright pops of colour like yellow and red. 



Ideal for soft seating

Good stretch and shape retention properties make Rondo ideal for upholstery and a variety of applications. With its rich body and volume, Rondo is perfect for soft furnishings and complements a diversity of commercial interiors – from lounge areas and the hospitality sector to contemporary office spaces.


Recycled and sustainable

Made from recycled polyester and certified in accordance with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and EU Ecolabel, Rondo is a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. It offers the same high quality, superior durability and exceptional technical performance as conventional polyester fabrics but with a significantly lower environmental impact.



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