Made from Trevira CS polyester, mesh fabric Spin stands out from the crowd with its exceptional flame retardant properties.


Spin is a strong and self-supporting technical mesh fabric with a simple and tightly woven grid structure and an airy, semi-transparent design. Unlike other technical mesh fabrics, Spin is distinguished by its matt, natural surface and warm and comfy textile-look.




Exceptional fire safety

Made from Trevira CS polyester, Spin is one of a kind and stands out from other mesh fabrics. It offers exceptional flame resistance and meets even the most stringent European fire safety standards. As fire standards get stricter, Spin is already one step ahead.


Superior seating comfort

Spin is made specifically for office chair backs, and with its excellent load-bearing capacity, superior support and comfort, it is designed to offer the ultimate, user-friendly sitting experience. 



Office chair colours

Spin is available in 11 ever-popular and highly usable colours for office chairs and workspace interiors. The palette encompasses graphic colours like slate grey and classic black, natural tones with a warm, homey touch such as beige and a couple of carefully selected brights.


Matching fabrics

The palette has been designed to complement the colourways of upholstery fabrics Step and Step Melange. With complementing colour schemes, it is possible to design chairs with matching seats and backs in two different materials. Like Spin, Step and Step Melange are also made from Trevira CS polyester and guarantee exceptional flame retardant properties.




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