Cross-functional crepe fabric Event Screen+ is ideal for screen and panel applications as well as for furniture upholstery. 

Event Screen+ is a versatile, cross-functional crepe upholstery fabric made from 100% polyester. With its crisp look, distinctive pebbly texture, and fresh colour palette, Event Screen+ offers a confident and contemporary interpretation of the classic crepe fabric.


Cross-functional crepe

Event Screen+ was originally designed for large, vertical surfaces such as screens and panels and is available in 170 cm. With its superior durability and ever-popular crepe look, the fabric is, however, also an excellent choice for upholstery of a diverse array of furniture designs.


Screens & seating

Meeting the requirements for both vertical and horizontal surfaces, Event Screen+ is particularly suitable for privacy furniture such as pods and booths that combine seating and screens. With its non-directional pattern, excellent stretch and drapability, Screen Event+ is easy to work with and merges beautifully with all shapes and forms.    




Sparkling colours

The palette encompasses 26 contemporary colours in a perfect balance of fresh, sparkling brights and subdued, neutral tones. From hot purple, grassy green and candyfloss pink to subtle beige, delicate blues and discreet greys, there is a hue to suit any colour theme.    

Complementing fabrics

The 26 colours have been carefully selected to complement the colours of cross functional upholstery fabric Mica. Together, the two fabrics offer an intriguing array of coordinated colour options ranging from solids to light and dark melanges.




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