Cross functional design meets underplayed elegance, poetic colourways and unquestionable performance.

Just is a cross functional fabric in a minimalist and discreet two-toned design with a basic yet authentic look. Inspired by patinated cement structures, Just is distinguished by a slightly irregular surface that gives the fabric its unique character.

Natural fibre look

Just is made from recycled post-consumer polyester, but contrary to other more shiny and stiff polyester fabrics, Just is exquisitely soft to the touch and has a matt, natural look that imitates the exclusive look and feel of natural textile fibres.

A touch of black

The colour range is distinguished by its bright hues all with a touch of black. The extensive range of reds, blues, greens and classic neutrals are all toned down, and the 29 muted colourways stand out with their almost poetic character and underplayed elegance.



Is it a solid?

At first sight, the Just colours look like solids, but on closer inspection the darker colour in the background stands out. The dark background colour creates a subtle yet fascinating contrast that brings the surface to life and adds depth and richness.

For pods and privacy furniture

Contemporary open space offices calls for private spaces for meetings, concentration and quiet contemplation. As a cross functional fabric that meets all the requirements for both seating and screens, Just is the perfect choice for pods and other types of privacy furniture solutions.



Two widths – your choice!

Just offers excellent stretchability, is easy to use for upholstery and works equally well on vertical as well as horizontal surfaces. The fabric comes in two different widths for upholstery and screens respectively and is Oeko-Tex and EU Ecolabel certified.


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