With an insatiable appreciation for timeless fashion, the Go Collection takes perfection to a whole new level. It is a sublime display of haute couture qualities adapted to furniture design.  

In the world of fashion, haute couture represents the best in design, quality and tailoring. The goal is perfection, exclusivity and luxury in every detail. Made from the cutting-edge material Trevira CS, and by combining an innovative design with an exceptionally strong environmental profile, excellent fire-retardant properties and impressive durability, the Go fabric collection is haute couture for furniture. The collection encompasses three strong designs – Go Uni, Go Check and Go Couture – all of them bound for the catwalk.

One collection – three unique expressions
All three Go fabrics are based on the same classic weave structure, but they each have their own unique expression. Go Uni is a one-coloured, clear-cut and streamlined design with a slightly shiny and almost high-tech, industrial look. As a contrast, Go Couture and Go Check are two-coloured fabrics strongly inspired by the checks and patterns of the fashion world. Go Couture is a classic pepita checked fabric, whereas Go Check is small checked with endless rows of tiny squares.



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A wealth of colours
No matter which Go fabric the choice falls on, the colour palette encompasses almost every shade and nuance. Choose between classic and discreet white, petrol, grey, navy and black or go with more courageous and distinctive colours like cobalt blue, lime, claret, orange or turquoise. The collection also includes intense, clear pastels such as blue, mint and peach. Go Uni comes in 41 different colours, Go Check in 40 colours and Go Couture in 39 colours.

Mix and match
The kinship between the three Go fabrics and the series’ matching colours open up an almost endless range of possibilities to mix and match. Combine the Go fabrics with one another or mix them with other Gabriel fabrics with similar colour palettes. Mix and match Go with for example a mesh fabric and experience how the different materials and textures complement each other.

Sublime properties
The Go Collection has an exceptionally strong environmental profile and has achieved some of the most demanding environmental certifications. All three fabrics are Cradle to Cradle™ Certified Bronze as well as EU Ecolabel and Oeko-Tex certified. In addition, the fabrics are made from Trevira CS polyester, which is inherently flame-retardant and complies with even the most rigorous fire safety requirements. All three Go fabrics are also extremely wear-resistant, easy to clean and offer superior lightfastness properties.

The obvious choice
With superior technical properties, an abundance of mix and match options and a rich colour palette, the Go series is the obvious choice for contract market furniture. Highly suitable for upholstery and with very diverse designs, the fabrics are easily put to use, suit all types of furniture and work well with other materials in all kinds of interiors and environments.


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