Repetto is a vibrant two-toned fabric with a macro-structure which is easy on the eye and an elegant, matte finish. Repetto shines: with its two nuances creating a compact geometrical pattern, a ­decorative depth and an enticing surface. Repetto is also a shining example with regard to the environment. With its Cradle to Cradle certification the fabric is part of a sustainable life cycle with no waste and above all, respect for health and the environment.

Unique Cradle to Cradle certification

The design is manufactured according to extremely strict environmental requirements, which is the customer’s guarantee of a safe and environmentally friendly product. Repetto is woven from 100% recycled post-consumer polyester, typically originating from water bottles which have been collected and repurposed for fabric production. Repetto has Cradle to Cradle certification, which is a totally new way of looking at sustainability and ensuring a world that is clean and free of waste. Repetto is also marked with the Oeko-Tex health label.

An international expression

The interplay between Repetto’s nuances lends the fabric a depth and volume that make it easy to integrate in upholstery of office furniture and wall partitions. With its patterning and a choice between 25 colours, Repetto can be used to create a low-key Scandinavian interior with a mix of grey, black and earth tones. Or a more lively southern European theme with its palette of greens, oranges and reds.

Repetto has good possibilities when used in combination with Elevation, which is also a furnishing fabric woven from ­recycled post-consumer polyester. The launch of Elevation is scheduled for the near future. The design can also be used in fine ­furnishings with Runner, a mesh fabric where both colour and structure come together to create an attractive interaction.

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