Gabriel A/S is now publishing our annual CSR & Environmental report covering 2012/13. To Gabriel, CSR means that the company takes responsibility for adding value which contributes directly and indirectly to a positive development in society. The company endorses the principles specified in the UN Global Compact and puts a determined effort into the company’s CSR and environmental policies and activities.

Gabriel has an influence on the entire route from raw materials to the finished upholstered product, and therefore has a shared responsibility in all stages both locally and globally.

One highlight for 2012/13 is that Gabriel has established UAB FurnMaster, and thereby has gained even greater influence on the upholstery and sewing work in relation to components and finished pieces of furniture.

In the report, we openly share our position, activities, results and goals for CSR and environment – and we hope you will gain new insights about us, our products and services by looking into the report.

View the Gabriel CSR & Environmental Report 2012/13.


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