The popular upholstery fabric Atlantic is now offered in an expanded colour scale distinguished by bright accent colours and deep neutral tones offering the possibility of harmonic colour combinations with the popular mesh fabrics Runner, Omega and String.

The new colour scale is distinguished by light, gentle and intense tones in combination with fascinating nuances of neutral colours which together create a fresh and sporty yet elegant look.

Atlantic is designed with a straightforward, light structure and a discreet relief effect, which adds play and depth to both surface and colour. Atlantic is a strong base fabric with visual values ranging from quiet to fresh and sporty looks.

The fabric can be used on its own, in combination with other fabrics and as a basis for further processing including welding and printing.

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Tailor your furniture with Atlantic and a load-bearing mesh fabric

The new colour scale offers the opportunity to create colour-coordinated upholstery in combination with the mesh fabrics Runner, Omega and String. The interplay between transparent and closed surfaces and bold and fine structures produces fascinating contrasting combinations which complement each other. Together, the fabrics create visually attractive, dynamic and powerful expressions.

Atlantic is an upholstery-friendly design – the structure of the fabric has no pronounced direction, which simplifies the cutting process and minimises waste. The design also features good elasticity, thus facilitating upholstery of curved surfaces.



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