CSR is central to the way we run Gabriel as a company and a permanent point on the strategic agenda. With us, CSR is not a fashion phenomenon but a strategic driver on a par with product development, sales and other activities.

Gabriel’s continuous work with CSR ensures that:

  • we deliver healthy, quality products
  • we produce the products with maximum consideration for the environment and our resource consumption
  • we ensure a healthy working environment everywhere we produce, and with our customers
  • we can document the relationship between words and actions – at a minimum, we meet the requirements under the UN Global Compact

Our CSR activities make a positive contribution to all areas in our company because this creates healthy and valuable business ethics which can be seen at all levels in the supply chain. We do not believe it can pay to compromise on, for example, working conditions, the environment or animal welfare, because all these areas have an influence on the company’s health and they provide the necessary security for our customers," explains CEO Anders Hedegaard Petersen.

There’s always a person behind the process

Here at Gabriel we put a fingerprint on society all the way from raw materials to the finished upholstered product, and we therefore share responsibility at all stages, both locally and globally. Our approach to textile production therefore always has CSR and value creation in mind.

For example, we are strongly focused on animal welfare for the 100,000 sheep which supply wool for Gabriel’s textiles; we ensure that our dye works in Lithuania works with safe technology and environmentally correct machinery; we guarantee that our Chinese suppliers comply with western CSR standards, and that there is no corruption, child labour or breaches of human rights at any point throughout the process.

"We may never lose consciousness of the person behind the processes in the supply chain. We must always assume responsibility here and ensure orderly conditions. We therefore also make heavy demands on our partners and advisers," says Business Manager for QEP (Quality, Environment and Production) Kurt Nedergaard.

Exceptional value for customers and users

Our continuous, serious work with CSR ensures that we as a company can vouch for the conditions under which our products are made. For our customers, our work ensures that their furniture products are easier to document and attract no negative attention with respect to CSR.

We work globally with customers who specify the most stringent requirements with respect to documentation for our products. This also applies to social impacts, and we believe that our CSR activities provide exceptional assurance, and therewith also value here.


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