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High environmental standards are the order of day of all Gabriel’s endeavours. This has opened up for numerous environmental certifications, demonstrating that environmental awareness and competitiveness may go hand in hand in production.

All our processes are subject to an environmental strategy and accordingly carry environmental labelling and environmental certifications. Our textiles are solvent free and dyed without any heavy metals. In this way, we prevent any environmental exposure and unnecessary costs arising from the use of any environmentally dangerous substances in production.

"We have deliberately chosen not to rely on extensive chemical finishing of our textiles and minimise waste from production. This allows us to reduce our production costs. As ac consequence, our environmental strategy vastly supports our motto of being an excellent business opportunity," says Kurt Nedergaard, Master of Quality, Environment and Production.

Exceptional value today and tomorrow

At the same time, the environmental strategy allows the customers to have full confidence in their products, which subsequently are resold to their own customers.

The consumer is in direct contact with the textiles, so this element must under no circumstances pose any health risk. Our textiles guarantee high product safety, and our customers should not expect any unpleasant surprises for their customers in the form of nuisance and health risks, which in the worst case may have the outcome that our customers must withdraw their products from the market.

Using environmentally friendly textiles prevents sudden changes in supply reliability to the benefit of the customers, who will not be faced with failure in supply, because the textiles contain ingredients which are prohibited by public authorities or which the customers deliberately attempt to avoid.

Colourful environmentally correct textiles

As the first enterprise in Denmark, Gabriel has been awarded Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) certification. This adds a completely new dimension to sustainability, allowing production to be in benefit of the environment instead of being to its detriment.

Many people are under the incorrect impression that environmentally correct textiles reduce the number of dyes available, but we allow environmental considerations and advanced design features to go hand in hand.

In my capacity as designer, I am fully aware of the importance of dyes. Environmental soundness will not boost your sales if your dyes are boring, says Kees de Boer. He works as designer with the Dutch manufacturer of office furniture, Ahrend, which has launched a C2C-certified chair carrying Gabriel’s textile, Gaja C2C - a textile which as standard comes in 35 exciting colours.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become increasingly important to Ahrend and many other modern companies, for which purpose our textiles may make a difference. Gabriel’s products serve as a means to support and brand its customers’ environmental profile. Consumers increasingly wish to hold a green profile. In this way, our textiles may add value and enhance marketability of the products of our customers.

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