News_TextilesWithExceptionalQualities_Front.jpg This year we’re presenting a record number of new items within both upholstery materials and textile and acoustic solutions. All these can be experienced at ORGATEC, but we’re providing a little foretaste of the new textiles here…

We’ve launched a number of new textile designs this year, and we’re looking forward to presenting even more new products at ORGATEC – products which are just now coming on to the market. It’s been an exciting year, where we’ve worked diligently on new textile solutions which offer users something extra, says Inger Mosholt Nielsen, DesignMaster’s Business Manager:

"We’re working with new concepts for the furniture of the future and regularly finding new ways of using the textiles and the underlying technology. The pivotal point is always our close contact with our customers and the market. This enables us to look several years ahead and identify the future goals for upholstery solutions. A central consideration for our products is that not only are we focused on design as an expression of appearance, but that we place equal emphasis on aesthetics, quality and functionality when we develop the textiles of the future."



Crisp: Potpourri with deep nuances

A strong woollen textile with good stretch qualities, created to upholster furniture for both office and other public environments as well as the modern private home. Crisp has a stringent expression which is softened by the melange effect in a range of 39 classic colours with warm, cool and neutral nuances. Crisp is a multicoloured textile without a pattern, containing variation and depth in its expression.

"Crisp is an attractive, elegant, slender and topical design which, with the many colours created by its melange effect, is rich in expression. The surface is crisp – thus the name – and the textile will suit a large range of furniture types," says the designer Mette Krebs Petersen.

Pssst! Experience the textile at ORGATEC, where the entire lounge area at Gabriel’s stand is upholstered in Crisp!

More about Crisp



Harlequin: Anything but ordinary

Notwithstanding its 3D construction and semi-transparent character, Harlequin is being launched as a self-supporting net textile. Its almost closed structure gives it an expression of classic upholstery material. The technical look has been toned down and replaced with warmth and comfort. The colour range was inspired by the artist Mondrian, and the range offers numerous possibilities depending on personal style and preference. Inger Mosholt Nielsen says as follows about Harlequin:

"Harlequin introduces an entirely new trend within net textiles, where we’re moving away from the open techno-inspired net and approaching the values expressed in the classical upholstery textile. With Harlequin, we’re launching an accommodating, simple and soft textile which is equally suitable whether a supporting textile or a classic upholstery textile is needed."

More baout Harlequin



String: Invisible with exceptional strength

A transparent, almost invisible net textile with incredible carrying capacity and a taut graphic design. String signals strength and lightness, and it can be used alone or in combination with other textiles. The colour range consists of a classic grey scale supplemented by individual accent colours. Inger Mosholt Nielsen’s thoughts on the design are:

"String is thin as a cobweb – transparent like glass and light as air – but it also has an exceptional strength and stability. Its simple and classic structure support many types of furniture."

More about String



Omega: A play with colours

The combination of classic 3D net structure with high stability of shape and unique colour combinations make Omega perfect as a supporting textile in chair backs. Omega has a modern and sporty look, and the relatively open net design provides space for play with colour effects. In the individual colours, the textile’s always black reverse side plays together with a colourful front side, and attractive contrasting colour combinations are developed.

"Omega’s strong 3D net structure gives a cheeky look and is extremely comfortable for the user. The harmonic colour play between the front and reverse sides also results in a unique colour palette, Inger Mosholt Nielsen relates."

More about Omega


News_Comfort+.jpg (1)

Comfort+: Everything’s possible with 77 colours

The market’s supreme microfibre textile, with unmatched properties, and known and loved throughout Europe. The year’s Comfort+ news is an updated and sharp colour range: with 77 precisely chosen colours, the way is clear for both discreet and powerful classic and unique furnishing.

"As always, Comfort+ is topical, with technical qualities which are unmatched by other known microfibre textiles, and it has just been updated with the colours of the future. The colour range offers both fresh and brilliant tones, indispensable classics and deep attractive and strong colours. Note in particular the refined definitions of the colour black," concludes Inger Mosholt Nielsen.

More about Comfort+

Pssst! See more at Gabriel’s stand at ORGATEC, where we’ve upholstered a 21 m² wall with Comfort+!

Experience all Gabriel’s innovations at ORGATEC, 23-27 October in Cologne.

You’ll find us in hall 6.1 – corridor C – no. 088.



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