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People are the heart, head, and muscle in every high-performing organisation and thanks to a dedicated effort from employees around the world, the Gabriel Group has been on a remarkable growth journey in recent years. The shared and unwavering commitment of our employees has brought our company to where it is today, and their efforts are defining for our company, its success, and future.

From 60 to 1200 colleagues worldwide

From Europe to Asia Pacific and to the United States. The Gabriel Group is a community of multiple professionals working within specialised fields from several places around the world. In only a decade, the Gabriel Group has grown from 60 to 1,200 employees, and our global team continues to grow. We are delighted to welcome new colleagues again and again. The continuous attraction of talent forms the foundation of our success, drives us forward, and enables us to deliver high-quality products. Together we do our utmost to create a workplace culture, where we respect and care for each other and make room for all of us to grow.

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Unlock your potential

Employee development, upskilling, and talent programmes are key values of Gabriel Group, and we work continuously to help bring out the best in everyone, offering opportunities to develop both personally and professionally.

As a Customer Service Manager at FurnMaster it is never boring. There is no routine and every customer, every interaction, and situation are unique.  I get new opportunities, meet new people, get involved in new projects, and take on new responsibilities that drive me forward and give me a sense of fulfilment. I am responsible for making my own decisions, and I am not restricted to working by a strict set of rules. This has allowed me to develop a sense of creativity and strong problem-solving skills. There is a saying that you are still alive as long as you still experience “first times”. After six years at FurnMaster, I still experience “first times”, and I believe that is what keeps me moving forward.”

– Edvinas Juška, Customer Service, UAB FurnMaster

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A positive workplace culture

At Gabriel, creating and maintaining a positive workplace culture is a key value, and we firmly believe that people who thrive create better results. With a history that dates back 170 years, we pride ourselves on a strong and unique workplace culture, where we honour and respect the differences and skills that each employee brings to our company’s success.

At Gabriel, the workplace culture is defined by trust, transparency, and diversity. Employees are encouraged to set ambitious goals, to explore new tasks and responsibilities, and performance is always celebrated. I value the opportunity to work in an environment, where employees have the opportunity to grow, to learn, and expand their skill set.

– Jesus Benito Arranz, Sales Director for Spain & Portugal

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Working with a purpose

On average, people spend approximately 90,000 hours on the job during a lifetime and consequently, it is no wonder that doing purposeful work is a high priority. Helping employees to find meaning and purpose in their daily work is crucial to any company’s success, and at Gabriel working with a purpose is a key value.

Everyone should feel a sense of purpose and meaning at their job; this brings pride to their work. If you are appreciated and understand the value that you bring to the table, then you will be more inclined to share your ideas and be motivated. I feel passionate about the fabrics and products that Gabriel creates and the positive global impacts that our innovative designs have to the world we live in. At Gabriel, I am part of the bigger picture and that is very meaningful to me.”

– Lauren Fecho, Field Sales Manager, Gabriel North America