Strong skills and partnerships are key drivers for impressive growth

Gabriel has been on a yearlong growth journey and despite a challenged global economy, the company is expecting the growth journey to continue in the years to come. 

Helsinki Showroom

Global expansion

During the past ten years, Gabriel’s growth journey has been defined by an ambitious global strategy, and the company continues to grow its global presence today. New showrooms are opening in design capitals around the world, and new international partnerships are continuously established. 

“With our global strategy we have successfully managed to grow the company’s presence in the global furniture markets and to consolidate Gabriel’s position as the furniture industry’s preferred partner worldwide. Expanding our global presence will continue to define Gabriel’s growth journey also in the years to come”, says Anders Hedegaard Petersen.

Gabriel Fabrics Insiration The Growth Journney Of Gabriel 3

Utilising company potential

Gabriel’s long-term continued growth also has its roots in a determined approach to exploring and developing the company’s full potential. With a strong focus on product development and innovation, Gabriel continues to expand its business areas and fields of expertise.

“By continuously focusing on developing the company’s potential and expanding our product and service portfolio to meet market demands, we have more strings to our bow and are less vulnerable to global economic fluctuations and downturns”, Anders Hedegaard Petersen underlines.