Beyond Loop breathes new life into textile waste and takes us into the future with its shimmering metallic effect and futuristic vibe.

We are proud to introduce Beyond Loop – a pioneering innovation in upholstery textiles made from a blend of recycled textile waste and post-consumer recycled polyester.

Enlivening furniture
The textile integrates with the shape and form of any furniture piece, and its expression transforms before your eyes as the light and angle of perspective change.


Futuristic, metallic effect

Beyond Loop is distinguished by its black perforated front and coloured reverse side, merging to create a futuristic, metallic effect that truly comes to life when used for upholstery.


Luminous digital shades
Choose between eight colours carefully selected to create the most mesmerising interplay with the black front – from golden bronze shimmers to luminous digital shades.

Closing the loop
Through textiles like Beyond Loop and the process of textile-to-textile recycling, Gabriel ensures that waste retains its value and can be recycled again and again in an infinite closed loop.

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