We are excited to introduce the new Capture palette with 21 brand-new shades and a total of 59 rich, imaginative colours. Designed to evoke positivity and create soothing atmospheres, the Capture palette contributes to enhanced well-being and comfort in the workplace and to the creation of feel-good spaces.

Positive energy & well-being

The new Capture palette encompasses an extensive selection of 59 rich, imaginative tones with a poetic, romantic feel designed to set a positive mood in the workplace, uplift the spirit, and create a soothing, comfortable atmosphere. With its strong feel-good factor, the palette brings the human experience into focus and contributes to the creation of spaces where people, creativity, and productivity thrive.



Serene blues & warm oranges

The extensive palette spans the full spectrum, encompassing cool to warm shades as well as soft and mid-tones. It offers a selection of blue shades, creating a sense of serenity and calmness, warm oranges that infuse spaces with positive energy, and delicate yellows, celebrating the lightness of being. The colours easily integrate into spaces and furniture designs and complement a multitude of materials, including wood, golden metals, and marble elements. 

Timeless, multi-coloured appeal

Capture is a multi-coloured, woollen upholstery with a refined, yet lively, melange pattern that gives the design a timeless appeal. The rugged, handcrafted texture enhances the fabric’s feel-good factor, while excellent inherent stretch ensures that Capture is easy to work with, adapting perfectly to fit all types of task chairs and soft seating designs.  




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