We are proud to introduce Cubic that brings a distinct young vibe to our collection of embossed fabrics with its 3D harlequin-inspired pattern and refreshing pastel palette.

Our new embossed fabric Cubic stands out with its remarkable harlequin-inspired pattern that vibrantly plays with light and shadow, creating an ever-changing expression that shifts and transforms depending on the angle of the light. Compared to the classic stripes and squares in our collection, Cubic offers a new level of elegance and a fresh, young vibe.




Layers of luxurious softness

Like our other embossed designs, Cubic is based on a three-layered construction, combining upholstery polyester fabric Atlantic with a 6 mm foam core and a jersey backing. The layered construction adds depth and dimension, volume and softness to the design. Cubic is the ideal choice for task chairs and soft furnishings and for creating superior seating experiences in premium environments.  


Refreshing pastel palette 

Inspired by digital spheres, the Cubic colour scheme features 19 selected colours. The palette is dominated by fresh, dynamic pastels, including shades of purple, delicate pink, blue, and green but also offers splashes of accent brights along with timeless classics like black and dark grey.

Play with texture & tactility

As Cubic is based on the all-round Atlantic design and colour palette, the two fabrics can easily be mixed and matched. Combining the embossed, voluminous pattern of Cubic with Atlantic’s discreet relief effect presents an exciting opportunity to play with texture and tactility.




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