We are proud to introduce Lense – a knitted, two-toned and mono-material polyester fabric ideal for task chair design. Recycled and recyclable, with superior longevity and a futuristic feel, Lense is made for the office landscapes of the future.  



Dynamic & duo-toned 3D design

Inspired by digital spheres and virtual spaces, Lense stands out with its captivating 3D optical effect brought to life by a two-toned brick pattern. The pattern’s clean, elegant lines create a quiet yet dynamic expression and add a sense of depth to the fabric’s matt, satiny surface.

Designed with the environment in mind

Made from polyester fibres only, Lense is a mono-material fabric and 100% recyclable at the end of its life cycle. 55 % of the polyester used is post-consumer recycled polyester, ensuring that Lense offers a lower environmental impact than fabrics made from virgin polyester only.


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Refreshing digital shades

The fabric’s dynamic aesthetic is accentuated by a refreshing colour scale with a balanced blend of natural shades and soft bright tones – from quiet greys and browns to almost opalescent yellow, coral, and lilac. Together, the colour palette and the fabric’s 3D optical effect bring a soft, futuristic vibe to all types of furniture design and office environments.

Stretchy, durable & no fraying

With a Martindale score of above 100,000, Lense is a durable, long-lasting choice that remains attractive regardless of wear and tear and extends the longevity of furniture in busy office environments. Thanks to its knitted construction, Lense offers excellent stretch properties and is easy to cut and handle during the upholstering process.




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