The waste age calls for pioneering solutions and innovative design that address the challenges of textile waste. As we all enter a new era of recycling, it is time to leave the throwaway culture behind, embrace waste as a valuable resource, and develop new ways to recycle materials again and again.

A revolutionary take-back system

In our quest to reduce textile waste and save resources, we have found a way to close the loop and transform textile waste into new textile products. We call it Gabriel Loop. Gabriel Loop is a revolutionary take-back system and a new category of products based on recycled textile waste – also called textile-to-textile recycling.



Reduce waste – save resources

By recycling waste into new textiles that can be recycled again and again, we create a circular system – a closed textile loop – that reduces waste generation, conserves natural resources, and contributes to lowering CO2 emissions.

Designed for recycling – again and again

It is our uncompromising approach to great design that makes it possible for us to close the loop. Every single Gabriel textile, including our upcoming recycled Gabriel Loop products, is engineered to meet the highest design standards, and therefore has a high recycle value.



Join the Loop

Solving the textile waste challenge requires that we act together. We invite you to join us in closing the loop and take a revolutionary step together with us towards a more sustainable future for the furniture and textile industries.


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