With over 170 years of expertise in fabric design, we know that the right fabric can make a profound difference – for furniture design, for spaces, and for user experiences. That is why we are excited to share the opening of several new Gabriel showrooms across Europe and the US.




From Helsinki to New York, our showroom mission is simple: we want to showcase our Global Portfolio and bring it to life in inspiring settings that allow customers to see, feel, sense, and explore all the emotional and functional values that Gabriel fabrics have to offer.




At our new showrooms, visitors can explore Gabriel’s Global Portfolio and discover a wide variety of high-performance fabrics for every contract market category. From task seating to flexible activity-based workspaces and soft seating, our portfolio offers fabric designs to meet any functional, environmental, or aesthetic requirement.



Join us at our showrooms

We invite you to visit your local showroom and experience our world of fabrics. We hope that it will inspire creativity, spark your imagination, and make a valuable difference to your design process.

Hope to see you soon!
Please find your nearest showroom here.


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