Cura Screen is a two-coloured mélange screen fabric made from 98 % post-consumer recycled polyester. It is designed specifically for vertical surfaces such as screens and panels and for the creation of flexible spaces where movable and multifunctional furniture provide the freedom to meet shifting needs.




Warm, residential vibe

Distinguished by a matt, slightly heathered, and natural-looking texture that imitates the aesthetics of natural fibres, Cura Screen brings a warm, casual vibe to all types of interiors. It not only creates a feeling of home in workplaces but also complements the look and feel of the home office.


Combine with upholstery fabric Cura

Cura Screen is designed as the perfect accompaniment for upholstery fabric Cura. Use Cura Screen for room division solutions and Cura for classic office furniture or lounge seating to create complete interiors where fabrics harmoniously bind the space and the interior design together.




Light yet voluminous

Lighter in weight than Cura, yet still voluminous, Cura Screen is upholstery-friendly and easy to work with on screens and panels. It covers well and is suitable not only for simple vertical surfaces and shapes but also for more complex designs such as privacy pods.


Soft brights

The shades and tones of Cura Screen connect with the Cura colours, and the two palettes are made for each other, offering harmonious combinations. Like Cura, the palette of Cura Screen is inspired by nature, warm and soft with a bright dimension. The 26 colours span nature’s own shades and offers a selection of soft brights, from pink and burgundy to green and blue, including a choice of vibrant grey and black mélanges.




Made from used plastic bottles

Cura Screen consists of 98% post-consumer recycled polyester made from used plastic bottles. The recycled polyester is GRS certified (Global Recycled Standard) to verify the content of the recycled material and ensure traceability. Like most Gabriel fabrics, Cura Screen is also EU Ecolabel and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.


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