A selection of our bestselling fabrics and new releases is now available for download in pCon.catalog. You will find 27 fabrics available for immediate download and more fabrics coming up, as we plan to make all new Gabriel fabrics available in our pCon catalog in the future.




Explore the Gabriel catalog

The Gabriel fabrics available reflect the versatility of the Gabriel collection and provide you with a wide and inspirational choice of textures, designs, and colours. Visit pCon.catalog to explore the Gabriel collection and to try out different options and combinations before you select your favourite Gabriel fabric for your furniture piece or space design.


Let’s simplify your workday

pCon.planner is a free tool for architects and designers that serves as an infinite source of inspiration, eases your creative process, and simplifies your workday. pCon.planner allows you to create furniture designs, configure products for your needs, make high-quality 3D renderings, visualisations, detailed space plans, and much more.



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