Gabriel assumes an extraordinary responsibility for how products are produced.

Supplier management

QEP-Master is responsible for assuring the quality of Gabriel’s products, now produced by selected partners throughout the world. We help to ensure cost-effective production of products and services which fulfil specified requirements.

We regularly identify development possibilities for new and existing partners and actively support their realisation.

QEP-Master has undertaken several projects, where we manage outsourcing of e.g. dyeing and weaving operations, both in relation to Gabriel's own operation, but we have also driven these outsourcing processes for other partners.

We provide the following services

  • Supplier approval, including Code of Conduct.
  • Handling of customer complaints.
  • Handling of corrective reports.
  • Product and process improvements.
  • Outsourcing of weaving and dyeing processes.
  • Building up production plant and management systems for dye-works partner.

Sustainability report 2018/19

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