The right way

A system is not stronger than its users, and we make great efforts in creating modern management systems that help us performing our best. 

Management systems

Our management systems are central with respect to managing input, output and responsibility in relation to our core processes. An effective fulfilment of the requirements in the standards for management systems also ensures that our performance in quality, environment, production and CSR is constantly improved.

Our approach to the management system is that it must support our business development and value creation. QEP-Master has lead the transition of Gabriels quality and environmental management system into a process oriented management system, which covers Gabriel's core processes and is coupled to our financial management. QEP-Master is also organising and writing up the annual CSR and environmental report, which reflects activities across Gabriel.

We offer the following services

  • Handling of certification.
  • Development of management systems.
  • CSR and environmental action programme, including strategy.
  • Customer satisfaction survey.
  • Audit.
  • Management reporting.
  • Product labelling.
  • Consultancy.



Sustainability report 2018/19

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