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QEP-Master offers you a partnership within quality and environmental management, including production of products. We work with a number of companies throughout the value chain from raw material to finished product.

We have extensive experience and expertise, and we offer consultancy to other companies within our core processes. Our position as adviser is unique because we know the challenges and possibilities in a company from the inside, and this gives us great strength in an advisory situation. We offer solutions we ourselves have tested, and our approach is therefore practical and result-oriented.

Selected References

  • Development of customer-specific colours in existing fabrics, e.g. for Steelcase, Teknion and Wilkhahn.
  • Managing outsourcing of weaving and dyeing processes for a number of Danish companies.
  • KE Fibertec: C2C certification of the product CradleVent completed in nine months.
  • Network for Sustainable Business Development in Northern Denmark: Facilitating 11 companies in the process of preparing plans for sustainable business development, e.g. Port of Aalborg, Fynsbo Foods and Aalborg University.

Conferences and seminars

Over the years, Gabriel has given presentations at a large number of conferences and seminars and university classes. We want to share our experiences in CSR, environment and quality, and we want to inspire other companies in their work. Recent presentations:

  • Girls' day in Science, House of Natural Sciences, November 2013.
  • Current Initiatives on hazardous substances in textiles, the Swedish Chemical Agency, December 2013.
  • Network meeting, Network for Sustainable Business Development North Denmark, May 2013.
  • Gabriel and CSR, the Danish Social Liberal Party’s new year meeting, January 2013.
  • Cradle to Cradle - Convert Sustainability to Business, Erhverv Silkeborg, October 2011.

Publications and articles

Our work is described in a range of publications and articles, recent examples:


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