Know how

We have extensive experience with development projects and good internal and external networks of specialists and suppliers.

Design and development

DesignMaster is a multidisciplinary design business unit bringing innovation strategy to life through research and creative, reliable and value-adding partnerships in which we seek to support customers and users in their future desires, behaviours and needs.

The core strength of DesignMaster is design and development of products and services related to the fabric, upholstery and furniture industry.

DesignMaster embraces the entire process from idea through development and test production to final product, with indispensable demands regarding the products’ properties, design and logistics together with a documented quality and environmental control.



Thorough matching of expectations is important. An introductory probing and clarifying dialogue creates mutual understanding of a given assignment, a problem, a wish, a need. Ideas and proposed solutions are evaluated and tested to ensure that expectation and immediate solution are in agreement.  


Analysis and concept generation
The available options must be known in order to be able to define one’s wishes and requirements. At the same time, the process must accommodate new realisations and the possibility of jointly testing new routes and determining new goals via critical dialogue.


Product development

We divide major projects into smaller sequences with independent activity plans and goals so we can regularly match input and output and ensure flexibility in the project so that regular adjustments can be made in relation to the knowledge being accumulated.


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