What's new?

It is part of our DNA being able to forecast the next trend, and we use it in our daily business developing new textiles and other upholstered solutions.


We make heavy use of our well-established global supplier network and numerous workshop facilities in connection with our concept development, and we find great value in innovating in cross-disciplinary partnerships.

The really good and saleable ideas often arise in the physical and tested modelling work, where concepts, materials and partial components are tested.

Our experienced designers and engineers know what is happening in the fabric and furniture industry, and new knowledge is constantly being gained via a substantial interface to users, customers and manufacturers.

Advice on trends

We support collections with knowledge and advice on trends and tendencies, and we show how fabrics can be used as an active element.

Our sales support presents a range of fabrics to the client together with a number of  mood boards for inspiration.


Fabrics in action

We find interesting ways of visualising your new or old fabrics in action, and we provide inspiration for new mixes and matches.

We can develop new ideas and innovative products with the aid of tried and tested design methodologies.


We arrange seminars with clients, and we practise idea generation both in groups and individually.

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