A premium brand

The New Zealand wool is known for its unique and constantly high quality.

Wools of New Zealand

The wool's natural and unique properties ensure a quality fabric, which is breathable and comfortable to sit on and has good antistatic and fire-retardant properties.

The wool is also naturally dirt-repellent, making the fabric easy to maintain. Very special processes are used in the production. The result is a wear-resistant product which maintains its attractive appearance and other properties to an unusual degree throughout its life.

Wool is anti-static and attracts dry dirt to a lesser degree than other fabrics do. Wool absorbs liquids slowly, so spills do not easily penetrate into the fabric. Wool does not burst into flames if you drop an ember, a cigarette or a match; the fire goes out and the stain can be removed by lightly brushing.

Optimal sitting comfort

Wool can absorb moisture, more than 35% of its own weight, and still feel dry and comfortable to sit on. Wool absorbs the moisture when you are hot and gives you extra warmth when you are cold. Wool therefore always provides the best sitting comfort.

Wool is nature's own environmentally friendly, biologically degradable luxury. Animal welfare is a central consideration when we buy wool, as an example the use of pesticides to prevent insect attacks is strongly regulated. We select wool with a pure natural colour, thus avoiding the need for chemical bleaching.

Woollen products from Gabriel carry the Wools of New Zealand fern logo as proof that they live up to the highest standards with respect to both quality and the environment.