With its semi-transparent quality and soft 3D appearance Runner is a highly visual and eye-catching fabric. 

Be inspired

Runner – lively and innovative

The attention focused on the mesh fabric Runner is genuine and substantial because its ­innovative design combines function and aesthetic appeal in a surprising and exclusive manner. With its ­semi-transparent texture and three-dimensional structure, Runner gives furniture a living element.

Durable elegance

Runner was designed to provide furniture with a welcoming and fascinating surface, and with its updated colour palette, it thus extends the possibilities for being able to integrate the fabric in upholstery in both the workplace and the home. Runner signals comfort, elegance and robustness, and with its palette of monochrome colours, Runner is also excellent in ­­combination with other Gabriel fabrics.

With its dimensional stability and carrying capacity, Runner can be used as a self-supporting surface in furniture constructions. At the same time, Runner also functions perfectly as a classic upholstery fabric, where the fabric’s irregular surface and 3D construction support the diffusion of moisture and therewith offer a high level of sitting comfort. 

From iridescent to classic

Runner is in itself a highly visual and eye-catching fabric which the new colour palette helps to support. The palette’s source is nature’s own colours, ranging from nature’s lively and iridescent tones of yellow and green to warm and classic nuances of blue and red. Runner is coloured to enable its use in every interior, meaning that clear primary colours together with beautifully matched and soft composite colours are represented. Finally, a scale of greyish and golden nuances creates an impression of noble metals, which extends Runner’s possibilities for modern upholstering and furnishing.

Runner has STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and EU Ecolabel and is 100% free of heavy metals.

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