Designed for screens and room division Hush adds a cosy, homely feel, absorbs sound and softens up indoor spaces.  

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Hush – Exquisite screen fabric

Hush is an exclusive non-woven polyester screen fabric with a felt-like texture, a soft touch and a natural-fibre finish. Made from an exquisite blend of white and coloured fibres, the fabric surface is enveloped in a light white mist muting the colours and creating a discreet melange effect.


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Add a soft, homey touch

With its understated elegance Hush is easy on the eye and readily integrated into various environments and interior styles. Its warm, natural look and soft felt texture bring a cosy feel to work spaces and create a homey, relaxed atmosphere.




Soft & hazy hues

Hush is available in 28 hazy hues that accentuate the fabric’s soft and delicate expression. Inspired by nature, the colour palette covers a selection of neutral tones like greys, beige and rose as well as more bold options like green, blue, orange and lavender.


Acoustic design for screens

The fabric is designed specifically for use on vertical surfaces such as privacy screens, room dividers and wall coverings. It offers excellent acoustic properties, and in combination with other absorber materials Hush contributes to superior acoustic performance.




Easy to work with

With its non-directional structure Hush provides optimum fabric utilization, a hassle-free production process and a first-class end result. Like the rest of the Gabriel collection, Hush is environmentally friendly, free from harmful chemicals and carries the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® label.

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