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With its two-coloured pattern of tiny squares lined up in endless ranks, Go Check is inspired by the fashion world’s eternal fascination with check patterns.

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Bound for the catwalk

With its two-coloured pattern of tiny squares lined up in endless ranks, Go Check is inspired by the fashion world’s eternal fascination with check patterns – and encourages furniture design to take a stroll down the catwalk.

In the world of fashion, haute couture represents the best in design, quality and tailoring. The goal is perfection, exclusivity and luxury in every detail. Made from the cutting-edge material Trevira CS, and by combining an innovative design with an exceptionally strong environmental profile, excellent flame-retardant properties and impressive durability, the Go collection is haute couture for furniture. The collection encompasses three strong designs – Go Uni, Go Check and Go Couture – all of them bound for the catwalk.


Go Check It Out!

Check patterns in all designs and sizes have been a popular fashion phenomenon for generations. With its endless rows of tiny squares side by side, Go Check springs from a classic pattern with proud traditions, but still keeps its gaze fixed firmly on the future of furniture design. The look is familiar and classic but with an ultra-modern, almost high-tech and industrial twist.


Colourful contrasts

With a palette of no less than 40 different colours, Go Check can accommodate almost any request for colourful and contrasting check patterns. The rich colour palette encompasses almost every shade and nuance - from intense, clear pastels such as mint, peach and light blue to classic white and navy and a selection of discreet greys. The palette also includes bright and distinctive colours such as cobalt blue, turquoise, orange, lime and red.


Mix and match

The colours of the Go palette recurs throughout the Gabriel collection, and it is easy to mix and match Go with other Gabriel fabrics, for example the mesh fabrics, to create distinctive designs and unique combinations of diverse materials. The kinship between the three Go fabrics also opens up an almost endless range of possibilities to mix and match and create new and exciting compositions.


Sublime properties

Just as haute couture leads the way in fashion, Go Check is also at the forefront – not only in terms of design and aesthetics but also when it comes to sustainability, fire safety and durability. All three Go fabrics are certified in accordance with some of the most stringent environmental standards and are Cradle to Cradle  Certified® Bronze as well as STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®  and EU-Ecolabel certified. In addition, the fabrics are made from Trevira CS polyester, which is inherently flame-retardant and complies with even the most rigorous fire safety requirements. The Go fabrics are also extremely wear-resistant, easy to clean and offer superior lightfastness properties.


The obvious choice

With superior technical properties when it comes to sustainability, fire safety and wear-resistance, endless possibilities to mix and match and a rich colour palette, Go is the obvious choice for the contract market. Highly suitable for upholstery and with very diverse designs, the fabrics are easily put to use and look good on all types of furniture and in all interiors – from the dateless and discreet to the daring and distinctive.


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