Fighter is a polyester textile which under the soft, discrete, brushed surface has unique strength and performance.

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Fighter - with a high wearability

Fighter is a polyester textile with a dual message: under the soft, discrete, brushed surface, the textile matches the market’s requirements for strength and performance.

With its high wearability, Fighter measures up to any basic textile when it comes to gaining a central position in the furniture producers’ standard collections.
This makes Fighter a strong candidate for an all-round upholstery textile.

The linen-like structure gives Fighter a neutral and discreet appearance, which satisfies users who are seeking a reliable and always contemporary design.

The lightly brushed surface gives the textile softness, volume and an exclusive appearance – qualities which appeal to users who are looking for comfort and well-being. 

There are 12 colours in the colour range – classic colours as well as novel accent colours.



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