Fame Hybrid

Fame Hybrid is a beautifully nuanced two-tone fabric with a fascinating colour. It is a partner to the popular woollen fabric Fame.

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Fame Hybrid – attractive two-tone woollen fabric

The success is continuing – we’re now also offering a partner to the popular woollen fabric Fame – a fabric which uses the same structure and close texture, merely created with two different colours from the Fame palette. The result is a beautifully nuanced two-tone fabric with a fascinating colour play.

Fame Hybrid’s colour palette is impressive and seductive

Fame Hybrid has a colour palette which is so rich in play and nuances that it can create soothing, exploding and seductive environments and arrangements. The colours come from the same palette as Fame, but composed of two colours so that new nuances appear. In the interplay with a flecked and peaceful surface, Fame Hybrid offers a wealth of combinations with both multi-coloured and monochrome fabrics. There are also excellent possibilities for combinations with Gabriel’s mesh fabrics Omega and Runner.

The palette extends all the way from the clear fluorescent colours through pastels such as rose-pink, violet and mint, but there are also neutral nuances of earth, grey and black.

Delicate worsteds with excellent upholstering qualities

Fame Hybrid is woven in a delicious worsted which offers outstanding upholstering qualities, a gentle feel and an agreeable sitting comfort. Fame Hybrid is thus suitable for both the contract and the Soft Seating market.


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