Gabriel & Steelcase US

With more than 160 years of experience with fabrics and a global mindset, Gabriel is well known around the world for developing exclusive fabrics based on exceptional Danish craftsmanship, premium quality and environmental friendliness.

With our commitment to beautiful fabrics with an international appeal, we combine passionate craftsmanship with an innovative way of developing fabrics. No other fabric partner can offer such a wide range of extensively documented and highly functional products.

Our fabric line perfectly complements the product range of one of the largest manufacturers of office furniture in the world, Steelcase, which offers a selection of fabrics from Gabriel in Steelcase Select Surfaces. Steelcase has taken a wide range of Gabriel's standard collection with a focus on fabrics with beautiful and modern colour compositions, elegant and classic architecture and stunning features. To see which Steelcase product lines our textiles have been approved on, please visit the Steelcase Select Surfaces test results page at

Further information on Steelcase Select Surfaces and the different price ranges is available on Steelcase’s website.

As Steelcase partner you can order sample materials by filling out the form or contact your local Key Account Manager.




Gabriel fabrics

See the chosen Gabriel fabrics in Steelcase Select Surfaces US.

Step (new colours)
Step Melange (new colours)

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