Gabriel & Nowy Styl

Gabriel has partnered up with market-leading manufacturer of office chairs and furniture, Nowy Styl, and a selected range of exclusive Gabriel upholstery fabrics has been included in the Nowy Styl collection.

The selection of Gabriel fabrics available through Nowy Styl includes a variety of exclusive textures and designs as well as a multitude of colour options – from discreet classics to contemporary, trending shades.

All Gabriel fabrics offer strong technical properties, are manufactured with respect for the environment and without the use of harmful chemicals. The alliance between Gabriel and Nowy Styl reflects a shared commitment to sustainability and the development of sustainable products.

With the partnership between Gabriel and Nowy Styl, Gabriel fabrics are now available and easily accessible for Nowy Styl partners. Order fabric samples by filling out the form or by contacting your local Key Account Manager.




Gabriel fabrics

See the chosen Gabriel fabrics in the Nowy Styl collection.

Step (new colours)
Step Melange (new colours)



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