European Alliance

Herman Miller and Gabriel share many values and beliefs, which have been the foundation for our relationship and the very close cooperation between us.

Gabriel and Herman Miller

An exclusive selection from Gabriel textiles is an integral part of the Standard and Customer Choice programmes. The Alliance between Herman Miller and Gabriel, with many shared values, such as Environmental advocacy is the foundation in both corporate agenda.

Gabriels cutting edge fabrics, some of which are exclusive offerings, are integrated into the standard specification and ordering process. The selected fabrics have been pre-tested and pre-approved by Herman Miller. You also have access to the entire Gabriel fabric portfolio, please confirm eligibility with the relevant Herman Miller office.

Herman Miller accredited dealer partners have the benefit of easy access to the expertise that Gabriel being an Alliance Partner offers. You can order sample materials by filling out the form to the right or contact your local Key Account Manager.


Gabriel fabrics

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A European Alliance

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