Gabriel & Arper

An exquisite assortment of quality fabrics from Gabriel is now available as part of the Arper graded-in collection. The fabrics from Gabriel have of course been pre-approved by Arper and are offered to you at fixed prices.

The fabrics from Gabriel available to you include a versatile range of designs, textures, and colours for a variety of applications.

Respect for the environment, passion for exceptional craftsmanship, continual innovation and premium quality are key values at Gabriel. We are happy to cooperate with Arper and are ready to guide you through the fabric options available to you, offering personalized support to our partners all over the world.


Easy access to Gabriel fabrics, colour cards, and samples

It’s now easy for you to order Gabriel fabrics. Feel free to order colour cards and single samples to find just the colour and texture, you need.

For easy and convenient ordering, please contact your local Gabriel Account Managers or order your samples directly on this webpage.




Gabriel fabrics

See the chosen Gabriel fabrics in the standard and customer choice programmes.


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