Renewed Loop

Renewed Loop is a game-changing 100% recycled and recyclable design based on textile-to-textile recycling, featuring a sparkling melange effect and a refined, natural aesthetic.

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Renewed Loop Certificates

Abrasion resistance

BS EN ISO 12947-2/14465In accordance with EN 1446528513318a27 Mar 2023 PDF
ASTM D4157-07 Wyz abrasion (heavy duty) 100k23-0004982 Mar 2023 PDF

Acoustic test air flow resistance

EN 29053 & ISO 9053-1 (airflow resistance) B104146/6323 Feb 2023 PDF

Breaking Force

ASTM D5034 Breaking force23-0004982 Mar 2023 PDF

Colour fastness to light

BS EN ISO 105 B02 Method 22023AN606410 Mar 2023 PDF
AATCC 16 Light fastness2023AN606410 Mar 2023 PDF

Dry and wet crocking

AATCC 8 or 116 Dry/wet crocking2023AN612527 Apr 2023 PDF


BS EN 1021 1&2 Cigarette and Match35 kg/m3 CMHR foam23/60290A Supp1/10/222 Mar 2023 PDF
BS EN 1021-1 Cigarette20-22 kg/m3 non-fire retardant polyurethane foam23/60664Supp/02/232 Mar 2023 PDF
BS EN 1021-2 Match50 kg/m3 non fire retardant foam23/60874A/04/239 May 2023 PDF
DIN EN 13501-1 B-s1,d0(glued)2023AN078419 Apr 2023 PDF
CA TB 117-201323-0004982 Mar 2023 PDF
ASTM E 84 Class 1Adhered23-0015419 Nov 2023 PDF
Will also pass other flammability standards. Flame retardant performance is dependent upon the foam used.
Contains no flame retardant chemicals.

Material Safety Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet0903239 Mar 2023 PDF


BS EN ISO 12945-228513318a27 Mar 2023 PDF
ASTM D3511 Pilling23-0004982 Mar 2023 PDF

Resistance to Bleach Cleaning

Internal test according BIFMA HCF 8.1 and ACT Method 11:10 Sodium Hypochlorite 5,25-6,25%27 Apr 2023 PDF

Rubbing-staining/and change in colour

BS EN ISO 105-X12 Rubbing dry/wet2023AN612527 Apr 2023 PDF

Seam slippage

BS EN ISO 13936-228513318a27 Mar 2023 PDF
ASTM D4034 Yarn slippage at a sewn seam23-0004982 Mar 2023 PDF

VOC emission

Ansi/Bifma VOC test M7.1961089C24 Jan 2024 PDF
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