Passion is a classic and minimalist wool upholstery fabric made from an intricate blend of yarns in six different colours. It is distinguished by its micro-geometric grid pattern, rich colour landscape and slightly irregular texture.

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Passion Certificates

Abrasion resistance

BS EN ISO 12947-2/14465In accordance with EN 1446510972018 Jun 2019 PDF
ASTM D4966 Martindale (heavy duty)3-32205-08 May 2019 PDF

Breaking Force

ASTM D5034 Breaking force3-31680-33 Apr 2019 PDF

Colour fastness to dry cleaning

BS EN ISO 105-D011091437 May 2019 PDF

Colour fastness to light

BS EN ISO 105 B02 Method 2109155A22 May 2019 PDF
AATCC 16 Light fastness3-32205-310 May 2019 PDF

Colour fastness to perspiration

BS EN ISO 105-E041091437 May 2019 PDF
AATCC 15 Perspiration3-31680-69 Apr 2019 PDF


BS EN 1021 1&2 Cigarette and Match20-22 kg/m3 non-fire retardant polyurethane foam109145-0218 Apr 2019 PDF
BS 5852 Part 1 0,1 Cigarette & match20-22 kg/m3 non-fire retardant polyurethane foam10914518 Apr 2019 PDF
BS 5852 Crib 550 kg/m3 CMHR foam11105624 Jun 2019 PDF
CA TB 117-20133-29486-014 Nov 2018 PDF
Will also pass other flammability standards. Flame retardant performance is dependent upon the foam used.
Contains no flame retardant chemicals.


BS EN ISO 12945-21091437 May 2019 PDF
ASTM D4970 Pilling3-32205-22 May 2019 PDF

Rubbing-staining/and change in colour

BS EN ISO 105-X12 Rubbing dry/wet109143A7 May 2019 PDF

Seam slippage

BS EN ISO 13936-21091437 May 2019 PDF
ASTM D4034 Yarn slippage at a sewn seam3-31680-43 Apr 2019 PDF

Wet and dry crocking

AATCC 8 or 116 Wet/dry crocking3-32205-12 May 2019 PDF
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