Europost 2

Europost has a popular felted character which gives the upholstered surface a uniform, simple and clean expression. The wool’s sheen and quality give the individual colours life and depth.

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Europost 2 Certificates

Abrasion resistance

BS EN ISO 12947-2/144652851130215 Feb 2021 PDF

Acoustic test air flow resistance

EN 29053 & ISO 9053-1 (airflow resistance)M104146/199 Feb 2015 PDF

Acoustic test sound absorption

ISO 354 & ISO 11654 (sound absorption)M104146-0212 Nov 2012 PDF

Colour fastness to light

AATCC 16 Light fastness3-23654-029 Dec 2017 PDF
BS EN ISO 105 B02 Method 210360011 Mar 2019 PDF

Colour fastness to rubbing

BS EN ISO 105-X122851130215 Feb 2021 PDF


BS 5852 Part 1 0,1 Cigarette & match20-22 kg/m3 non-fire retardant polyurethane foam933203 Jan 2018 PDF
BS EN 1021 1&2 Cigarette and Match20-22 kg/m3 non-fire retardant polyurethane foam23/58122-427 Jan 2021 PDF
ÖNORM A3800-B2-B3825-Q1 UK7598923 Mar 2015 PDF
Class Uno UNI 9175 Class 1 I EMME208565 / 115 Feb 2016 PDF
IMO EC Declaration of Conformity EU,UK5 Oct 2021 PDF
IMO MSC 307(88) Annex 1 part 8164.144/2812/WCLMED0312TE1 Jan 2021 PDF
MED Certificate IMO164.144/2812/WCLMED0312QA1 Jan 2021 PDF
IMO MSC 307(88) Annex 1 part 8 UK164.144/1121/WCLMER0312TE1 Jan 2021 PDF
MED Certificate IMO UK164.144/1121/WCLMER0312QA1 Jan 2021 PDF
CA TB 117-20133-23654-115 Dec 2017 PDF
ASTM E 84 Class II2-96949-06 Jun 2013 PDF
NFPA 286 Room corner fire test3-11799-023 Feb 2016 PDF
DIN 4102 - B22015-13397 Apr 2015 PDF
BS 476 Part 7 class I6858211 Jan 2015 PDF
Will also pass other flammability standards. Flame retardant performance is dependent upon the foam used.
Contains no flame retardant chemicals.

Flammability with flameretardant treatment

NF P 92-503 M2 (flame retardant)CM-17-P-0159 May 2017 PDF
BS 5852 Crib 5 (flame retardant)35 kg/m3 CMHR foam5070217 May 2012 PDF
BS 5852 Crib 5 (flame retardant)35 kg/m3 CMHR foam517398 Aug 2012 PDF

Material Safety Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet30 Sep 2021 PDF


BS EN ISO 12945-2G20079/114 Jul 2020 PDF

Seam slippage

BS EN ISO 13936-22851130215 Feb 2021 PDF

Wet and dry crocking

AATCC 8 or 116 Wet/dry crocking3-17048-05 Jan 2017 PDF
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