We are proud to introduce 23 new and carefully selected colour options for our ever-popular upholstery fabric Atlantic. The updated colour scale now encompasses a total of 57 colours that together create a harmonious and versatile palette with a fresh, dynamic, and modern expression.



Bright pastels & soft-toned neutrals

The new palette is inspired by the phygital trend and draws inspiration not only from the digital world but also from natural spheres. Encapsulating the best from both worlds, the palette includes a selection of bright pastels such as digital orange, dark magenta, dynamic lilac, and fresh blues as well as a versatile selection of soft-toned neutrals - from warm greys and sandy goldens to olive and moss green.

Versatile design & colour options

Designed with a discreet relief effect, a non-directional structure, and excellent stretch, Atlantic is an elegant, all-round fabric that complements a variety of applications and interiors. By offering a varied blend of bright accent colours, neutrals, and elegant pastels, the new Atlantic colour palette adds to the versatility of the fabric.


Atlantic News Body Body 680X446px


Mix with mesh

The Atlantic colour scale perfectly complements the colours of mesh fabric Runner – a highly visual and eye-catching fabric with a semi-transparent structure and soft 3D appearance.  Together, the two fabrics offer an intriguing opportunity to play with colours and textures and to create colour-coordinated, upholstered solutions with striking textural contrast.


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