Tale is a self-supporting mesh fabric made from 99% recycled post-consumer polyester designed specifically to add character, comfort, and style to task chair backrests. Distinguished by a remarkable harlequin structure, an irregular melange expression, a nature-inspired, crafted texture, and soft fabric feel, Tale adds a new residential dimension to the technical mesh fabric.




Bring the home into the office – and vice versa

With its unique residential expression, Tale not only brings a homely atmosphere to office environments but is also an appealing choice for the home office. It brings the home into the office – and the office into the home – tapping directly into the trends of working from home and creating office spaces that replicate the benefits of being at home.


The perfect complement to Tonal

Tale is designed as the perfect match for upholstery fabric Tonal, and together the two fabrics offer unique mix and match opportunities for stylish task chair designs. Use Tonal for the seat and Tale for the backrest to create an intriguing interplay of complementing textures, aesthetics, and colours. The Tale colour palette consists of 15 colours, and no matter which shade of Tale you prefer, there is always an identical colour to be found in the Tonal palette.




Recycled post-consumer polyester

Consisting of 99% recycled post-consumer polyester, Tale is primarily made of clear, uncoloured plastic bottles, leaving a smaller carbon footprint, and requiring fewer resources than fabrics made of virgin polyester. The recycled polyester used for Tale is GRS certified (Global Recycle Standard) to ensure transparency and reliable content claims, and the fabric’s environmental credentials are further documented by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and EU Ecolabel certifications.

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