Athlon and Athlon Plus are knitted performance polyester fabrics characterised by a new and distinctive aesthetic that combines a futuristic, high-tech expression with a strong vintage vibe.




Engineered in three layers for extra comfort
With a smooth, satiny surface and a voluminous three-layered construction the fabrics add extra comfort to all types of task chairs and soft seating solutions, enhancing everyday seating experiences in all types of commercial environments.

Excellent upholstery capabilities
Due to the three-layered design Athlon and Athlon Plus are heavyweight fabrics that wrap and cover beautifully, are easy to cut and do not fray. The knitted construction adds elasticity to the design and ensures that the fabrics easily stretch to fit even organic shapes that demand highly flexible fabric solutions.




Melange in daring colours

The Athlon fabrics’ innovative look is underlined by a daring colour scale with powerful tones and shades brought to life by a discreet tone-in-tone melange effect. The colours are deep and warm, spanning the spectrum from metallic greys and neutrals to a selection of aquatic colours, greens, and goldens.

High-performing & durable
Withstanding 100,000 rubs in Martindale tests, Athlon and Athlon Plus are durable, high-performance and multi-purpose fabrics. Offering excellent abrasion resistance, the fabrics are suitable for even high-traffic and heavy-use environments, maintaining an attractive appearance regardless of wear and tear.

Meeting EU and US fire safety standards
The design is available in two versions. Athlon meets US flammability standard CA TB 117-2013 and Athlon Plus meets EU flammability standard EN 1021 1&2.


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