The story of Gabriel began in 1851, when a small watermill set the spinning and carding machines in motion for the first time. Across almost two centuries, innovation, entrepreneurship, and a strong growth mindset have driven the company forward and allowed the humble textile mill to grow into the global company that we are today.


Along the way, Gabriel has survived a devastating fire that turned the factory into a heap of rubble, and numerous worldwide crises including two world wars and a shortage of raw materials. The challenges along the way have only made the company stronger and created the dedication and will to succeed that now allow us to celebrate our 170 years anniversary. 


From the first woollen cloth 170 years ago to our high-performance furniture fabrics today, our dedication to fusing form with function and delivering quality craftsmanship have remained the same. Today, we are specialists in designing and crafting fabrics that enhance the everyday experience of furniture and add character to all types of indoor spaces around the world.

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